Parent Vision trip

This is another old blog that never got posted and I would just like to share it with you all!

At the beginning of the year I was given an interesting opportunity, which was to invite my parents to Africa to serve alongside and do missions with me. Now my squad was the first squad to have their parents at launch and now we were going to be the first to have our parents join us on the field. It was an exciting opportunity and yet a little scary. See I wanted more than anything to do missions with my parents. However, I hadn’t seen them in months and I had become a completely different person than the one that left them in July. What would they think about me? How would they respond to this new world? Would the culture that goes along with the race freak them out? All these questions ran through my mind as I tried to figure out whether to invite them or not. Finally, I decided to do the only thing I could think of….I prayed. I asked God what he wanted me to do. That’s when he told me that he had given me this opportunity because he wanted me to take advantage of that. He wanted my parents to experience a little bit of my life. He also wanted me to get to know my parents as people and learn about their lives. Well it was decided I was going to invite my parents.

Shortly after sending the invite to my parents they responded saying they wanted to come to Africa. They also said that they weren’t going to come just to see me, but that they really wanted to take advantage of this missions opportunity. See neither of them have ever left the states, but I knew they always wanted to. This trip just gave them the opportunity and I gave them the excuse to take advantage of it. I mean how could they pass up a chance to visit their only girl, haha. So it was decided that they would be joining me on the mission field for a week in Africa.

Now 2 years later my parents are once again coming to visit me on the Mission field. However, this time they will be joining me in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and I couldn’t be more excited. I love sharing my life with my parents and letting them see first hand the passion God has given me and how He is working in my life and the lives around me. This will be another great adventure for all of us and I can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do during their time here!


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