I Don’t Play Nice

Ok this is the last of my old blogs that I wrote while on the World Race that I was never able to post, but I feel like they need to be shared!

My entire time on the race people have been telling me stories about Africa. How dark of a place it is. How spiritual warfare is so prevalent. How I was about to step into a war zone and I needed to be prepared. I even heard people refer to it as the devil’s playground.

Well I have never been to Africa before and so I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was what I had been told by others. I have never been to war before so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was about to go from watching on the sidelines to fighting on the front lines and I was a  little nervous. Luckily, in Asia I had a lot of downtime and I used that time to prepare myself for the fight of my life.

After months of preparing myself for Africa and the war zone that awaited me when I got there I finally felt ready. Ready to tackle anything and everything Satan tried to throw at me. Ready to fight for the lives of others. Ready to own my authority in Christ. So when we landed in Africa I was ready to go out into the devil’s playground and take it away from him, because I don’t play nice.

On March 4th,2013 I met up with my parents in Kenya and headed to Kijabe to do a week of ministry with them. I was hyped up for battle and couldn’t wait to get out there. A few days of ministry go by and I see poverty, pain, and suffering, but no devil. Then a few more days go by and still there were no demon manifestations, no one was exorcised, and not much was happening. That’s when I realized that this was not the devil’s territory, it was God’s and he had claimed it a long time ago. Yes I saw hurt, suffering and poverty, but what I saw more than that was God.

During my week in Kijabe I saw hope that God would provide. I saw joy despite their circumstances, and I witnessed love beyond all measures. This place and these people had been claimed by God, because they are his children. These people are His children and they know it, and they love him. So everything I had heard from people may have been right about Africa as a whole, but as far as Kijabe and the surrounding towns that is God’s territory. His light shines in those places and I see Him in the faces of those people. So when I expected to walk in and be the light in the darkness I found that I was just one candle flickering among many.


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